July 6, 2022

1979 (MCMLXXIX) was a common year beginning on a Monday according to the Gregorian calendar. He was appointed: The year of the goat, according to the Chinese horoscope. The International Year of the Child, proclaimed by the UN.



January 1: West of the Sisargas Islands (opposite Galicia) the Greek oil tanker Andros Patria is shipwrecked, causing an oil slick that will reach the Galician coast in the following days. January 1 – The Vietnamese army invades Cambodia. January 1: The UN proclaims it as the International Year of the Child. January 2: in San Sebastián (Spain) the terrorist group ETA machine-guns the infantry commander José María Hernández Herrera. In Pamplona, ​​Francisco Berlanga, a corporal from the National Police Corps, died while trying to deactivate an explosive device. January 3: in Madrid, ETA assassinates the military governor of the area, Division General Constantino Ortín Gil. January 7 – Vietnamese forces occupy Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, with the help of Cambodians opposed to Pol Pot's regime. January 8: in Montevideo (Uruguay), Argentina and Chile sign, before the papal envoy Cardinal Antonio Samoré, an agreement requesting the mediation of the Holy See. January 8: in Buenos Aires, the Montonero leadership announces a statement about the dispute with Chile: they offer the Montonero Army forces to the Argentine dictatorship to collaborate in the defense of national sovereignty. January 16: Former monarch Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, accompanied by his wife Farah Diba, leaves Iran for exile. January 25: Alberto Fuentes Mohr is assassinated in Guatemala City, Guatemala. January 26: Pope John Paul II arrives in Mexico on his first visit to this country.


February 1: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returns to Tehran, Iran, to shape the Iranian revolution after the departure of the Shah of Iran. February 2: In Spain, the government grants parole to the far-rightist Jorge Cesarski. February 3: in Madrid, Olof Palme gives a lecture at a commemorative event for the centenary of the PSOE. February 6: Government troops from El Salvador launch an offensive against the guerrillas. February 6: in Palma de Mallorca the II UCD Congress begins. February 6 – Former Pakistani Prime Minister Ali Bhutto sentenced to hang. February 7: Colonel Demis S. Nguesso becomes the new president of the Republic of the Congo. February 7 – In Iran, revolutionaries take control of the police, courts, and administration. Last session of the National Consultation Assembly. February 10: in Naples an unknown epidemic causes the death of sixty people, mostly young children. February 10: Hundreds of people die in Bolivia after catastrophic floods. February 11: in Iran, after two days of fighting between revolutionaries, soldiers and the Imperial Guard, the Islamic Revolution triumphs with the announcement of the army's neutrality. February 13: in Puebla (Mexico) the third Conference of Bishops of Latin America is held. February 14: Jimmy Carter (President of the United States) officially visits Mexico, where he is received by President José López Portillo. February 16 – In the Federal Republic of Germany, Klaus Croissant, a former supporter of the Red Army Faction, is sentenced to 30 months in prison. February 16: Several generals are executed in Iran after summary trials. February 17: China invades Vietnamese territory and occupies several border posts. February 18: The first known snowfall is recorded in the Sahara Desert. February 18: The Berlin International Film Festival opens with the film The Marriage of Maria Braun, by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. February 22: Saint Lucia gains independence from the United Kingdom. In February, in Buenos Aires, the