June 24


July 1, 2022

June 24 is the 175th (one hundred and seventy-fifth) day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the 176th in leap years. There are 190 days left in the year.


1312 BC C.: in Asia Minor, during the reign of the Hittite king Mursili II, an "bad omen of the Sun" (a solar eclipse) is observed.[1] 972 – In Poland, Polish forces win their first victory over Lusatian forces at the Battle of Cedynia. 1128: in Portugal, Alfonso Henriques defeats his mother and his Galician supporters (of the Casa de Traba), in the Battle of San Mamede, and takes over the government, which produces de facto independence From Portugal. 1280: in Granada (Nasrid Kingdom of Granada), Sancho IV, commanding the troops of his father, Alfonso X el Sabio, together with those of Abu Yusuf and the Banu Ashqilula, managed to reach the very walls of the city , where he is defeated. 1314: As part of the First Scottish War of Independence, the Battle of Bannockburn concludes with a decisive victory for the forces led by Scotsman Robert the Bruce. Scotland regains its independence. 1340 – Within the framework of the Hundred Years' War, the English fleet (commanded by Edward III of England) almost completely destroys the French fleet at the Battle of Sluys. 1564: Villahermosa, capital of the state of Tabasco (Mexico), is founded. 1571: in the Philippine Islands, Miguel López de Legazpi founded Manila. 1622: In Macao, there is an attempted Dutch invasion. Portuguese and Spanish troops from the Fortaleza do Monte reject him. 1717: the United Grand Lodge of England is founded, the basis of Freemasonry or modern Freemasonry. 1821: in Venezuela, the battle of Carabobo takes place, in which the patriotic army (commanded by Simón Bolívar) defeats the Royalist Army in America (commanded by Miguel de la Torre). Thus, the independence of Venezuela is assured. 1854: The United States buys the region of La Mesilla from Mexico. 1859: at the Battle of Solferino, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia defeat the Austrian Empire. This confrontation would inspire Henri Dunant, present there at the time, to create a humanitarian organization that would care for victims and prisoners of war worldwide, which became the Red Cross. 1909: in Valparaíso (Chile), the Everton de Viña del Mar club is founded. 1910: in Italy, the company ALFA (Anonymous Lombarda Fábbrica Automóbili) is founded, later renamed Alfa Romeo. 1912: in Mexico City, today Mexico City, the Escuela Libre de Derecho is founded. 1916: the La Plata pilot Eduardo Bradley is the first person to cross the Andes Mountains by air, aboard the Jorge Newbery balloon.[2] 1931: the Santafesina Football League is created. 1935: in an accident at the Las Playas airport in Medellín (Colombia), two planes collide on the runway, and the tango singer Carlos Gardel dies. 1948: The Berlin Blockade begins. 1949: in Pachuca de Soto (Mexico) the Flood of 49 occurs, the worst tragedy in the history of that town in the 20th century. 1950: Miguel Itzigsohn discovers an asteroid, which he gives the name of (1821) Aconcagua. 1960: in Venezuela the attempted assassination of Rómulo Betancourt committed by groups financed by Rafael Leónidas Trujillo fails 1963: in Spain, the dictator Francisco Franco inaugurates the Montjuic Castle as a military museum. 1969: in Peru, the government of Juan Velasco Alvarado enacted Decree Law No. 17716, with which the Agrarian Reform process began. 1969: in Uruguay, President Jorge Pacheco Areco violates the Constitution, by reinstating the Prompt Security Measures that had been left without effect days before by the General Assembly of the Legislative Power. 1983: Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, returns to Earth. 1986: in Argentina, Club Atlético Huracán is relegated to Primera B for the first time. 1994: Austria