Adolfo Navajas Artaza


August 15, 2022

Adolfo F. Navajas Artaza, alias Don Toco[1] (Governor Virasoro, Corrientes, May 26, 1925-August 2, 2022),[2] was an Argentine businessman and politician; belonging to the Navajas family. His father founded the Establecimiento Las Marías, producer of yerba mate and tea, in Gobernador Virasoro, Corrientes, of which he was its honorary president.[3] He was appointed Federal Comptroller of Corrientes during the de facto presidency of Juan Carlos Onganía, a position he held from September 22, 1969 to January 11, 1973; he was also mayor of Virasoro and Minister of Social Action of the Nation, during the de facto presidency of Reynaldo Bignone, from September 22, 1982 to December 10, 1983. [3]


Adolfo Navajas Artaza was born on May 26, 1925 in the town of Gobernador Virasoro in Corrientes; one year after his father, Víctor Navajas Centeno, started planting yerba mate [4] he married Amalia Beatriz Fournier Foderé, in 1949, with whom he had four children.[5] On September 22, 1969, he was appointed federal comptroller of Corrientes by the de facto president Juan Carlos Onganía. Later, he was a national senator for Corrientes.[3] On September 22, 1982, he became Minister of Social Development of the Nation, appointed by the de facto president Reynaldo Bignone, a position in which he remained until December 10, 1983, after the return of democracy in Argentina. [ 3] From 1985 to 1987 he was president of the municipal council of Gobernador Virasoro, a position equivalent to mayor.[6] He was president, among other organizations, of the Industrial Union of Corrientes, of the Federation and of the Chamber of Millers of Yerba Mate of the Production Zone and of the Bank of the Province of Corrientes. He participated in the Sanmartinian Association.[3] He twice received the Konex award: in 1998 and 2008, in the category for rural entrepreneurs; and he was also awarded the Knight of the Andes Military Equestrian Order and the Grand Master of the National Order of Merit of Paraguay.[3][7]​ In 2005 he promoted the creation of the Corrientes Project alliance, through which he supported Gustavo Canteros' candidacy for governor, being defeated by the candidate of the then ruling alliance, Arturo Colombi.[8] Due to the performance of the public function, he was the beneficiary of a pension under the regime for public officials -of those commonly called "privileged"-, which was annulled, like other members of the National Reorganization Process, in 2008 , by reason of having been a minister in the de facto presidency of Reynaldo Bignone. He was prosecuted for crimes against humanity in the framework of the case linked to the repression in the Las Marías yerba mate establishment; in said process he was also accused of unidentified bodies being buried in his private cemetery.[7]