Annex: Judicial districts of Galicia


January 20, 2022

In Galicia there are forty-five judicial districts, which is what the second level of territorial units for the administration of justice in Spain is called.[1][2]​ These judicial districts are distributed as follows: fourteen belong to the province of La Coruña, nine to Lugo, nine to Orense and thirteen are in the province of Pontevedra.[3] The party is the territorial unit made up of one or more bordering municipalities, belonging to the same province.[2] Among the municipalities that make up the judicial parties, based on criteria of the number of judicial matters, the characteristics of the population, media of communication and natural regions, the capital of the same is chosen, which is called the head of the judicial district.[2] In said head is the headquarters of one or several Courts of First Instance and Instruction, in addition to the Courts of Violence against Women.[1] At the head of the rest of the municipalities of the judicial district are the peace courts.[1] The current distribution of judicial districts of the Autonomous Community of Galicia is due to Law 38/1988, of 28 of December, of Demarcation and of Judicial Plant.[1] By virtue of said law, the Galician municipalities are distributed in the judicial districts indicated in the following lists:[3]

Judicial districts of the province of La Coruña

Judicial districts of the province of Lugo

Judicial districts of the province of Orense

Judicial districts of the province of Pontevedra


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