July 6, 2022

Anthrax is an American thrash metal band formed in New York in 1981, by guitarist Scott Ian and bassist Dan Lilker.[2] It is considered one of the main groups of the thrash scene along with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer. [3][4] Between 1991 and 2004, it sold about 2.5 million copies in the United States alone and 10 million worldwide.[5][6] In 1983, Anthrax signed a contract with the independent record label Megaforce Records, through which they released their debut album with their current drummer, Charlie Benante.[7] Lilker soon left the lineup and was replaced by Frank Bello, Benante's nephew, [8][9] In addition, vocalist Joey Belladonna also joined.[1] With the arrival of these new members, the band released Spreading the Disease (1985) and Among the Living (1987), although Belladonna He left the group in 1992 and was replaced by John Bush, with whom he recorded Sound of White Noise (1993),[1] which reached the seventh position on the Billboard 200.[10] His next three works—Stomp 442 (1995) , Volume 8: The Threat Is Real (1998) and We've Come for You All (2003)—did not have the commercial success of its predecessor and in 2005,[10] Belladonna and guitarist Dan Spitz returned to the band for a sporadic reunion.[11] In 2010, after several vocalist changes, Belladonna returned to the group once more to record r Worship Music (2011) and For All Kings (2016).[1]


Formation and Fistful of Metal (1981-1984)

Guitarists Scott Ian and Dan Lilker founded Anthrax in 1981 while still in high school. Lilker proposed that the project be called Anthrax—the English name for the disease known as anthrax—after reading the term in a book. of biology.[12] Their initial formation was completed with the arrival of drummer Dave Weiss and bassist Kenny Kushner.[13] The latter soon left the group because he was more interested in singing in a hard rock band and replaced him Paul Kahn, who was fired shortly after for being unable to play the band's music and was to be replaced by Lilker, who took over bass.[14] Meanwhile, Greg Walls was brought in as the new guitarist and Greg D' Angelo filled in for Weiss as drummer.[14][15] On the other hand, the vocalist position was filled by different musicians who were there for a short period of time: John Connelly, Dirk Kennedy and Ian's little brother, Jason Rosenfeld. , before the Neil Turbin's death in August 1982.[7] The first concert with Turbin took place in September 1982 at the Great Gildersleeves club in New York. During that time, Anthrax performed regularly in that city and in New Jersey, often together with Metallica. In the summer of 1983, after recording his first demo, Walls left and was replaced by Bob Berry, who according to Scott Ian "knew nothing about metal".[16] Berry would soon be replaced by Overkill guitarist Dan Spitz, who participated in the recording of his second demo. In September, D'Angelo was fired for being unable to play the double bass drum and was replaced as drummer by Charlie Benante, whom Ian had met through a mutual friend.[17][18] With this new member the The group released their first studio effort, the single "Soldiers of Metal", which was produced by Manowar's Ross the Boss.[7] Within two weeks, the single sold 3,000 copies and caught the attention of Megaforce Records, with which the band signed a contract and that it would distribute their works through Island Records.[7][19] In late 1983, Anthrax began recording their debut album,[20] released in January 1984 under the title Fistful of Metal.[21] Following its release, Dan Lilker was fired by Turbin and according to Scott Ian, the vocalist doubted his profession