Antonio Boto


November 30, 2021

Antonio Boto García (Madrid, March 7, 1954 - Madrid, November 24, 2021) [1] [2] was a rally co-driver, known mainly for having competed with two-time world champion Carlos Sainz. With Sainz he participated in three world championship events and three seasons in the Spanish championship, achieving the title in 1987. He was the sporting director of Opel Spain and currently competes in the Spanish Historical Rally Championship. He was also a co-driver for Ricardo Muñoz with whom he participated in the RACE Rally of Spain in 1978. [3]


He was born in Spain. In 1978 he competed in the RACE Rally of Spain, a scoring date for the European Championship and the FIA ​​Cup for rally drivers with Ricardo Muñoz aboard a Citroën GS, finishing in ninth place. [3] In 1984 he began to compete with Carlos Sainz , replacing Juanjo Lacalle in the right seat. He participated in the Castilla Championship winning the six tests he ran and in other more renowned tests. The first test of the year was the RACE Rally where he finished fifth after Carlo Capone, Antonio Zanini, Beny Fernández and Jimmy McRae, then he raced the Criterium Guilleries where he had to drop out when he was fourth due to a puncture. They also contested the Luis de Baviera Criterium in an edition passed by water and General Motors offered them to run the Catalonia Rally with an official Opel Manta, where Boto was replaced by Jose López Orozco. [4] After this result, Renault gave him a car official to Sainz for the last round of the year, the Valeo Rally, where he achieved victory despite running with a broken gearbox. [4]

Spanish Rally Championship

1985 Season

In 1985 Sainz and Boto received an offer from Opel and another from Renault to run as an official driver, who in the end opted for the French firm that offered them a more complete program. That year they faced the Spanish Rally Championship with an official Renault 5 Tour de Corse with which they would achieve good results. The first test they disputed was the RACE Costa Blanca Rally, which was also scoring for the European Championship where they finished in fifth place [5] and ahead of all the Spanish drivers, except for Salvador Serviá, who finished second. The next test was the Guilleries Rally where they had the first of the many clashes that they would have throughout the year with Serviá. The Catalan driver knew the rally very well, so he took the victory and Sainz was second. [6] The same result was in the Sierra Morena Rally where Serviá won again and Sainz finished behind. After these attempts, Renault decided to introduce the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo, a more powerful model to be able to beat Serviá, but just before this happened Sainz and Boto achieved the first victory in the championship by winning the Rally Vasco Navarro with only one second of advantage over Serviá. However, the victory was not easy as one stage suffered an aquaplanning that wreaked havoc on the front of the car and the mechanics had to work hard to put it back together. [7] The next test to play was the Rally Villa de Llanes, where they made their debut with the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo and had a duel with Bruno Saby who was racing an official Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, and when they were only eleven seconds behind the French, they went off the road and had to leave. The next two events were held in the Canary Islands, where the team decided to return to the R5 Tour de Corse after the poor result with the Maxi Turbo. On this occasion they were luckier and achieved two victories on the islands, first in the Islas Canarias Rally and then in the El Corte Inglés Rally. [8] After the good results obtained, Renault decided to make their debut for Carlos and Antonio in the Rally. from Madeira, a foreign event that added points for the national championship. However l

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