Lebanon blackout of 2021


October 28, 2021

The Lebanon blackout of 2021 was a widespread power outage in Lebanon. It began on October 9, 2021 when two power generation plants in the country ran out of fuel, causing them to shut down. These two plants provide 40% of the electricity, the most important in the country. Due to this, the electricity grid stopped its operation. [1] The blackout spread nationwide. The power supply interruption ended on Sunday, October 10, 2021, twenty-four hours after it started. [2]


The collapse of the banking system and the subsequent recession caused the Lebanese pound to lose more than 90% of its value, leaving the government unable to import fuel. [3] This caused a fuel shortage in Lebanon, which means that the government was unable to power its power plants. This also meant that people could not run their private generators, as they also run on fuel. [4]


The power outage began on Saturday, October 9, 2021, due to the Zahrani power plant running out of fuel. The day before, the Deir Ammar plant had stopped operating. With both plants shut down, power production could not exceed 270 MW, causing the grid to become unstable and stop working that noon. The energy was not expected to return for several days. However, he was finally able to return. On October 10, the Bank of Lebanon - the country's central bank - approved $ 100 million for the Lebanese Ministry of Energy to import fuel. The Lebanese army delivered 1.6 million gallons (6,000 kiloliters) to each of the two power plants, and power was restored that day, 24 hours after the blackout. [5] The fuel came from reserves. from army.


In Halba, there have been protests outside the offices of the state power company - and protesters have blocked streets with burning tires in the capital Tripoli.


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