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May 23, 2022

The Australian Recording Industry Association, also known by its acronym ARIA, is a trade group representing the Australian music industry. Oversees the collection, management, and distribution of licensed and royalty-free music. The association has more than one hundred members, including small companies typically running from one to five people, medium-sized organizations and large international companies. The ARIA is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of top executives from record companies, both small and large. It is the Australian counterpart to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The ARIA is commonly viewed as less aggressive than its US counterpart, the RIAA. From 2005-2006, the RIAA has targeted individuals, a move not appreciated by most Australians, particularly the younger generations. The search launched by the ARIA showed that annual trends have shown that in file sharing there was no increase and no sign of change. In 2006 ARIA, Motorola and Nova formed an alliance, bringing a new era to the ARIA music charts. Motorola is now the official sponsor of the ARIA Music Charts (now known as the Motorola ARIA Music Charts), a deal which will see the re-introduction of printed charts in music stores across Australia. , surrounding promotions of local and international artists and the launch of a new website for music charts. The Nova Radio Network is now the official partner and promoter of the Motorola ARIA Music Charts - broadcasting the Australian music charts, published every Sunday with Jabba, at 3pm EDST.

Methodology for your lists

ARIA currently compiles music sales files in its database from most of Australia's music retailers. The compiled database of each store is placed in the ARIA database and sales are extrapolated to arrive at a 'best estimate' of the actual total sales of each title. Titles are classified according to their 'weight' in sales. Charts are calculated once a week on Sundays. They are based on retail music sales within Australia for the 'music-week', which starts on Sunday and ends on Friday. New charts are commonly dated by the ARIA's official website on Sunday nights (Australian Eastern Time). The Club List is compiled weekly from reporting by DJs from across Australia. According to the ARIA, a music single, album or DVD that has sold a minimum of 35,000 copies in retail stores can be certified gold, and if it exceeds 70,000 copies it will be certified platinum.

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