Help: How you can collaborate


October 28, 2021

Wikipedia grows every day thanks to the participation of people like you. Still don't know how you can collaborate? Here are some ideas; there are many tasks to do. For example, if you want to share your knowledge on a topic, you can improve an existing article; You can also take pictures of something we don't have any of yet. If you like maintenance, you can help to review the modifications that are made continuously in Wikipedia, to fight against vandalism and avoid inaccuracies or errors, and thus protect the content of the articles. On the other hand, you can help to write documentation about the operation of the project, templates and other aspects that have some difficulty. You can also make comments to report incorrect data, mention missing information, propose important changes, or suggest changes to the appearance of the pages. And if you already have experience in the previous tasks, you know the relevance criteria and you have reliable sources, you can create a missing article, or translate it from another Wikipedia. In addition, you can spread Wikipedia on your social networks or personal websites, or simply by talking with family, friends and acquaintances. You can share interesting articles, explain how Wikipedia works, or describe our community. Finally, there are people who do not have time for this type of collaboration, so they prefer to make a financial donation to the project.

Improve existing articles

All items can be improved; Wikipedia is a project in perpetual development. Although it is true that some items need more improvement than others.

Writing errors

Sometimes the writing of Wikipedia articles is not as good as it could be; spelling, grammar, vocabulary, or typing mistakes are made. If you know that your grammar is good, you can correct the writing of an article, and there is a project that coordinates the correction of errors that you can join. Note that some contributors cannot easily enter accents with their keyboards. You can also consult some frequently asked questions about the language.

Add images

Popular lore says that "a picture is worth a thousand words," which is true in many cases. Wikipedia articles earn a lot if they have an image. Remember that in Wikipedia it is not allowed to upload any type of image, only those that have free licenses. Wikimedia Commons is a sister project to Wikipedia where images are stored that can be used in articles. You can browse its galleries and categories in search of a suitable image for an article.

Take pictures

Commons already has millions of free photographs, but there are still many places, people or things of which there are none; we have a list of requests. Sometimes you can find some on Wikidata or in articles in other languages, but if there aren't any or you think you can take better ones, go ahead! You can go out and take your own photos, upload them to Commons and add them to the article. Remember to comply with the rules of the place regarding taking pictures. For example, some museums do not allow taking photos. If you are not sure, ask for permission.


When an item has some kind of deficiency, it is said that it needs maintenance. This encompasses many types of deficiencies, such as the absence of references, poor writing or disputed veracity, not complying with the style manual, lack of categories, etc. A first approach may be to take a look at nearby articles, related to your job, hobbies, city or country. If the article exists, check if you can add information, or if the available information is correct. If, using the random page or otherwise, you come to an article

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