2022 World Men's Water Polo Championships


July 1, 2022

The XIX Men's Water Polo World Championship is held in Hungary between June 18 and July 3, 2022 within the XIX World Swimming Championships. The event is organized by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and the Hungarian Swimming Federation.[1] A total of sixteen national teams affiliated with FINA compete for the world title, whose current holder is the Italian team, winner of the 2019 World Cup.



Preliminary phase

All matches in Hungarian local time (UTC+2). The first team of each group goes directly to the quarterfinals. The teams classified in second and third place have to dispute the classification to the quarterfinals first.

Group A

Results(¹) – All in Budapest.

Group B

Results(¹) – All in Debrecen.

Group C

Results(¹) – All in Sopron.

Group D

Results(¹) – All in Szeged.

End phase

All matches in Hungarian local time (UTC+2).

Classification to quarters

(¹) – Everyone in Budapest.


(¹) – Everyone in Budapest.


(¹) – In Budapest.

Qualifying Matches

5th to 8th place(¹) – In Budapest.

Overall Ranking

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