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October 28, 2021

Canongate Books, sometimes called simply Canongate, is an independent publisher, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It gets its name from The Canongate area, in its city of origin. She is famous mainly for having published the book Life of Pi, winner of the Booker Prize. In addition, it was named as the "publishing house that publishes award-winning books of the year", in 2003 and 2009. [1]


Canongate was founded in 1973 by Stephanie Wolfe Murray and her husband, Angus Wolfe Murray. [2] It was originally a publisher specializing in books of interest about Scotland, generally in small runs; its most prominent author was Alasdair Gray. In 1994 it was bought by Jamie Byng, with funds provided by his stepfather, Christopher Bland, and his father-in-law, Charlie McVeigh. From that moment he began to publish books of more general interest. He made small editions of the books of the Bible, called Pocket Canons, as well as reissues of popular crime novels in the Payback Press collection, and published Rebel Inc magazine. [3] [4] Byng is the publishing director of the company. In June 2010, it was announced that a 'living archive' of Canongate Books would be established at the University of Dundee, in collaboration with the University of Dundee's Archives Service, to be used for teaching and research. [5] [6 ] Andrea Iñíguez

Associates and joint ventures

Canongate had a sister company in Australia, Text Publishing, but Canongate's interests were sold in 2011. [7] It also has joint ventures with Walker Books, a children's publisher, which publishes a selection of works from its youth literature list. [8] Grove Atlantic publishes under the Canongate label in the United States, also under agreement. [9] In March 2010, Canongate and Dirtee Stank announced an agreement to publish the memoirs of Dizzie Rascal, although this could not be finalized later. . [10] Canongate is part of the Independent Alliance, a global alliance of ten UK publishers, together with their international partners. [11] In 2009, this association was the fifth largest published in its region. [12] He also works with Enhanced Editions to produce books for iPhone and iPad; published works by Hilary Mantel and Philip Pullman. [13]


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