Castle Rock Entertainment


August 15, 2022

Castle Rock Entertainment is an independent film and television studio founded in 1987, by Martin Shafer, director Rob Reiner, Andy Scheinman, Glenn Padnick and director of entertainment Alan Horn, as a strategic partner with Columbia Pictures. Reiner named the company after a fictional city from Stephen King's novel The Dead Zone, following the success of the film Stand by Me, which was based on another King novel. The first film made by this studio was When Harry Met Sally..., which was co-produced by Nelson Entertainment. Columbia held the distribution rights to the Castle Rock films until 1999. In 1994, Castle Rock was acquired by the Turner Broadcasting System, which was merged into Time Warner (now WarnerMedia). In 1999 Warner Bros. and Universal acquired the distribution rights with The Green Mile (WB domestic distribution, and Universal foreign distribution).


Some of his main productions are listed below: The dreams Hunter striptease Murder by Numbers The Majestic The Shawshank Redemption Miss Congeniality The Green Mile The Polar Express fracture

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