Daniel Velazquez


May 23, 2022

Ceferino (Daniel, since 1976) Feito y Becerro de Bengoa (Madrid, June 4, 1945 - Madrid, May 10, 2022)[1], artistically recognized as Daniel Velázquez, was a Spanish singer, producer and musical entrepreneur.

Artistic career

His beginnings were on the radio, later moving on to song, beginning in pop at the beginning of the 1960s leading the group Cefe and Los Gigantes, and later beginning a career as a melodic song singer with Maryní Callejo, producer of Los Brincos and Formula V, among others.[2] His first success as a soloist was Let's Think About Us, in 1968. That same year he was lucky with the song En un corner del mundo. In 1969, the song Words (composed by Juan Pardo) had a relative success, with it he was preselected to represent Spain in Eurovision, an edition in which Salomé won. In 1976 he would participate in the selection program of Spain to Eurovisión: "Voces a 45... Towards the Eurofestival 76".[3] After a few years as a singer, he retired at the age of 33, he joined the municipal team of the Madrid City Council at the hands of José Luis Álvarez, creating the Villa de Madrid Rock Contest, starting the concerts of the so-called movida madrileña. He also directed some nightclubs and was director of the Centro Hispano-Rumano de Alcalá de Henares, although he also worked as a musician, continued as a composer for other soloists and groups, as well as a producer.[4]


Among his discography are: [5]

As the voice of the group "Cefe y Los Gigantes"

EP: "Without a grudge / My friends / Do not remind me / The game of love" (Columbia, 1965). EP: "I'll Scream / It's Not True / You Lie / Your Image" (Columbia, 1965). Album - Compilation (together with Los Shakers, Los Buitres, The New Group and Sam Alver): A Madrid rock saga (Rama Lama, 2015).

Like Daniel Velázquez, Singles with Philips

1968: Let's think about us / A cut rose. 1968: In a corner of the world / I will not be alone. 1968: I only think of you / Yesterday is gone. 1969: Nothing can change / Love, I saw you on the path. 1969: Words / Completely, long live life! 1970: A happy day / Everything begins to wake up. 1971: Daughter of the cloud / Words. 1971: the dog / Rosa. 1971: Do not ever go / Games of love. 1972: The miracle of love / In San Marcos. 1972: Theme of love / I will give you.

Like Daniel Velázquez, Singles with Polydor

1973: You will think / Fall in love with me 1974: You will return again / loves will be born. 1975: Pretty girl / Heart. 1975: Go, go / I'm tired of loving. 1976: Words, only words / Forgive me, forgive me. 1976: It was for Maria / That sweet trip. 1977: The man who wanted the Moon / If you were not a dream. 1977: A song for you / How difficult it is.

As Daniel Velázquez, 1974 Album (Polydor 23 85 079)

Go back to Jerusalem. Take me or Leave Me. you will think Excuse me. Wrapped in memories of her. Love will be born. You will come back again. Fall in love with me. My love is younger than me. Come home, love. I still remember you. Heart. (Arranged by Rafael Ferro, C. Gentili, M. Gas and J. Torregrosa. Artistic Direction: R. Singer)

As Daniel Velázquez, 1976 Album (Polydor)

It was for Maria. Democracy. The medal. That sweet trip. Words, only words. The sad singer


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