Double Persephone


October 28, 2021

Double Persephone (in Spanish: Double Persephone) is an anthology of poems written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, self-published in 1961. [1] Atwood herself pressed the pages with a flat press and glued them, [2] designed the cover with linocut and only made 220 copies, which sold for 50 cents. [2] It was his first publication and contains seven poems: "Formal Garden", "Pastoral", "Iconic Landscape", "Persephone Departing", "Chthonic Love "," Her Song ", and" Double Persephone ". [3] They feature themes that will later be present in other works by the author, such as The Handmaid's Tale (1985) and Penelope and the Twelve Maids (2005) ). [2] Her next book of poetry was The Circle Game, published in 1964. Double Persephone won the E. J. Pratt medal. [4] It is estimated that each of the copies could be worth approximately 2,500 euros. [2]


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