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November 30, 2021

Ennio Doris (Tombolo, Kingdom of Italy, July 3, 1940 - Milan, Italy, November 24, 2021) [2] was an Italian multimillionaire businessman, founder of Mediolanum SpA. Until September 21, 2021 [3] he was president of Banca Mediolanum, part of Gruppo Mediolanum, a large financial services company. [4]


He was born in Tombolo, a small town near Padua, Italy on July 3, 1940. [5] He entered the retail asset management field in 1969 when he became a Fideuram salesperson. In 1971 he joined Dival, where he became head of a sales force of 700 people. In 1982 he founded his own company "Programma Italia" and convinced Silvio Berlusconi to invest 250,000 euros in exchange for half of the shares of the company. His strategy was to focus on relationships with retail clients, while he contracted the management of invested funds to other companies. Under his charismatic leadership, his sales network grew rapidly as did the funds under management. He added insurance and banking and changed the firm's name to Mediolanum. In June 1996, the company was listed on the Italian stock exchange. Berlusconi described it as the best investment he had ever made in his life. [2] [6]

Personal life

He married, had two children, and lived in Tombolo, Italy. [1] His son, Massimo Doris, is the CEO of Banca Mediolanum. [1] He owned the yacht Seven, which was 197 feet tall. [7]

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Doris speech to his salesmen after a successful year (Italian language)

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