Hit the Lights (Metallica song)


July 6, 2022

"Hit the Lights" is the first song from the debut album of the American band Metallica, the title in question was Kill 'Em All.[1] This was the first song that James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich used when they worked on the formation of the group. .


The first appearance of "Hit the Lights" was on the Metal Massacre album,[2] since Lars Ulrich's friend, Brian Slagel, had decided to set up the Metal Blade Records record label, to promote the new sounds that were brewing on the album. the western United States and record a compilation of metal bands from Los Angeles. Lars convinced his friend to reserve a place for him on the first album, but he didn't have a group to record a song; then he contacted James Hetfield who along with his friend Ron McGovney were working on a project called Phantom Lord, and offered to record a song on the condition that he join the group. James accepts and proposes to Lars to make some arrangements to the song that he had created with his previous group Leather Charm, to record it on the album. With Lars in the group, someone was missing to perform the guitar solo, so they contact Lloyd Grant, who after recording the song is replaced by Dave Mustaine.[3] The song was later recorded on the following demos: Hit the Lights (1982), Ron McGovney's '82 Garage Demo (1982), Power Metal (1982), No Life 'til Leather (1982), Metal Up Your Ass (1982) and finally on the debut album Kill 'Em All (1983).


The lyrics of the song talk about the euphoria of being in a heavy metal concert as one of the best moments of their lives, both for Metallica playing, and for the madness of the fans listening. [4]


James Hetfield – vocals, rhythm guitar Kirk Hammett – lead guitar Cliff Burton: electric bass Lars Ulrich – drums, percussion


This song was performed by the following groups on their following albums.[5] And it was also performed by the following groups on Metallica tribute albums.[6]


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