Homer the Great


July 1, 2022

"Homer the Great" called "Homer el Grande" in Spain and "Homero el Grande" in Latin America, is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of the animated series The Simpsons, originally broadcast on the Fox network in the United States on December 8. January 1995.[3] In it, Homer Simpson discovers that Lenny and Carl are members of the ancient secret society known as the "Stonecutters" ("stonecutters" in the Spanish version and "magios" in the Hispano-American version). After gaining membership thanks to Grandpa Simpson, Homer enjoys the privileges and gatherings of society. Unfortunately, during a dinner he destroys the "sacred scroll of the Stonecutters" and is expelled, until it is discovered that he is "the chosen one" who will lead the Stonecutters to glory. The episode was written by John Swartzwelder and directed by Jim Reardon.[2] Patrick Stewart, as "Number 1", the leader of the Stonecutters, was the guest star.[3] The plot includes numerous references to Freemasonry and movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Emperor. Since its broadcast, the episode has received many positive reviews from fans and television critics and has been called "one of the best episodes of the series" by Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood in their book, I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Bigger. Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide. The song "We Do", which the Stonecutters perform at their reunions, was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music and Lyrics.


It all starts when Homer Simpson discovers that Lenny and Carl enjoy inexplicable privileges at the Nuclear Power Plant, like vibrating chairs and excellent parking spaces. After investigating and pursuing them, he discovers that they are part of an ancient secret society, known as the Stonecutters (Magios in Latin America and Stonemasons in Spain). When he tries to join the society, he discovers that to be a member, he must be the son of a Stonecutters or save the life of one of them. When he talks about the society at dinner, Grandpa tells him that he is a member, so Homer is admitted. Homer's number as a member of the Stonecutters is 908. After joining the Stonecutters, Homer takes great pleasure in the perks and privileges of membership, such as a hidden, traffic-free highway to work and lively gatherings at the group's headquarters. Unfortunately, during a pork rib dinner with his fellow Stonecutters, Homer decides to use the Society's Sacred Scroll as a napkin, soiling and destroying it. As a consequence, he is expelled from society and forced to walk naked tied to a large rock, "the stone of shame". Before he leaves, however, it is discovered that Homer has a birthmark on his body in the same shape as the Stonecutters' emblem, which identifies him as "The Chosen One", who was predicted to lead the Stonecutters into the future. the victory. Homer is served like a king by his Stonecutters, who idolize him. Although at first Homer likes to receive all kinds of attention, he ends up feeling dissatisfied and asks Lisa for help and advice. The girl suggests using her power and the Stonecutters to do community works in the city. Homer heeds the advice, and the Stonecutters begin to carry out all kinds of charity actions in the community, however, after founding a daycare, the Stonecutters begin to tire of Homer, and even think about killing him. Finally, they decide to get rid of him, ceasing to be Stonecutters and creating a new society, the No-Homers. As expected, Homer is not accepted in society. Homer is very sad to leave his secret club, but Marge comforts him by telling him that he is part of a very exclusive club: the Simpson family, which has only five members.