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July 6, 2022

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is the organization that represents the interests of the recording industry worldwide. Its secretariat is located in London, UK. It represents more than 1,450 registry companies, large and small, in 75 countries. One of its most important policies is to end music piracy. In addition to its international secretariat, the IFPI has regional offices in Brussels, Hong Kong, Miami, Athens and Moscow.[1]


The IFPI was founded by the major record companies from Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom during a recording industry congress in Rome on November 14, 1933, invited by the Confederazione Generale Fascista dell'Industria Italiana.[2] and registered its first office in Zurich, Switzerland[3] One of its main objectives was to promote related rights so that creators should share the intellectual property of their works with producers.

Incidents with The Pirate Bay

In October 2007, one of IFPI's domains expired. The domain was transferred to The Pirate Bay by an anonymous donor.[4] The Pirate Bay administrators set up a website at titled "International Federation of Pirates Interests", a retro acronym for IFPI. Ownership of the domain was returned to IFPI in late November, when the WIPO mediation council decided that The Pirate Bay was using an IFPI trademark in bad faith.[5] In a later incident, on February 18, 2009,, the domain of the Swedish branch of IFPI, was hacked by supporters of The Pirate Bay. This happened on the third day of the trial of the founders of The Pirate Bay in Sweden. The site was replaced by a message addressed to the prosecutor Håkan Roswall and the prosecution ("Warner Brothers etc"). It was signed as "The New Generation".[6] Peter Sunde, a spokesman for The Pirate Bay asked via Twitter for the attacks to stop.[7] On April 19, 2009, following the ruling against The Pirate Bay, the domains and were subjected to a DDoS attack.[8]

Incident with

On October 23, 2007,, a BitTorrent download website, was shut down. The website displayed a message about an investigation being carried out by the IFPI, BPI, the Cleveland Police, and the FIOD ECD into "suspected illegal music distribution".[9] The IFPI published a press release[10] stating that the website is "the world's leading source of illegal pre-release music"; that its administrator obtained large sums of money through donations and that users had to contribute material to maintain their accounts. However, none of these claims have been proven.

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