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July 6, 2022

The Internet Archive is a digital library operated by a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of archives, captures from public Web sites, multimedia resources, and software. Created on May 12, 1996, its headquarters were from that date and until 2009 in the historic building of the Presidio of San Francisco (California) and, since that year, it is located on Funston Street in San Francisco (California) . This organization exists with the support of Alexa Internet and other collaborators who have donated materials and collections such as the Library of Congress and many other public and private libraries. It houses a large number of files of many types such as audio, video and text, the vast majority of them in the public domain, or with Creative Commons-type licenses or other licenses that allow free distribution.[1] Among its sections is the collection called Moving Images which contains approximately 19,000 video files (August 2005 estimate). The ultimate collection is the Prelinger Collection, called the Prelinger Archives, with a total of 1,977 files (as of August 2005) including a large cataloged amount of "Advertising Ephemeral Film", educational, industrial (films for company promotion) and amateurs. . The movies are from between the years 1927 to 1987. In another part of the site, to go back in time, there is the Wayback Machine that has 608 billion Internet pages recorded since 1996.[2] You can see the first version of IMDb and the famous sales page by Internet Amazon, as well as a special section that catalogs news in its original version of those dates. Keep in mind that Wayback Machine does not store all the web pages that exist on the network, but rather those linked from other sites already collected and those that have been requested to store, for this reason it may be that if you search for a specific page you will not find ; it would have to be registered manually so that from that moment on it is collected in the historical record. Internet Archive Sections Internet Archive contains the following sections where different collections are housed: web, video, texts (texts), audio, and images (images).

Web section

Example of WaybackMachine files: Apple Computer amazon microsoft BBCNews Google Open Directory Wikipedia

Video Section (Moving Images)

DemocracyNow cinemamocracy Net Cafe Youth Media open mind Shaping San Francisco Mosaic Middle East News World at War Medium Burn The BBS Documentary Video Collection. Prelinger Archives (Rick Prelinger Film Collection) Open Source Movies (Miscellaneous Independent Films) Feature Films Computer Chronicles (TV show broadcast between 1983 and 2002) Election 2004 (Presidential elections of 2004) Independent News (Independent News, 252 videos) SIGGRAPH (Dedicated to the beginnings of computer animation, 111 videos) Brick Films (independent cinema films dedicated to the making of frame-by-frame movies with LEGO bricks) Game Videos (section on the history of video games with presentations of them and a beta section of old programs) Film Chest Vintage Cartoons (56 cartoons already in the public domain, including shorts like "Falling Hare", "Fresh Hare" and "Superman: The Mechanical Monsters) AV Geeks (this is a collection of Skip Elsheimer's dedicated 10-year search for school and military projection films, including some of the rarer educational shorts like Private SNAFU: The Home Front (1943), which served for military training and how to make the right decisions in risky situations.) SabuCat Movie Trailers (section for advertising trailers, a total of