Jesus Marinas


May 23, 2022

Jesús Manuel Pérez Mariñas (La Coruña, October 3, 1942-Madrid, May 10, 2022)[4], known as Jesús Marinas, was a Spanish journalist specialized in the gossip press. Since 1998 he wrote for the newspaper La Razón and collaborated on television programs such as Día a día or La Mañana de La 1.


He was born in La Coruña in the early 1940s. His father, Jesús Pérez, was a receptionist at the Hotel Atlántico and his mother, Manuela Mariñas, was a bookseller. His maternal grandfather owned three theaters in La Coruña [Citation required] He began studying declamation at the Conservatory of La Coruña, where a teacher was the one who brought him closer to journalism, since he wanted to be an actor. He began his journalistic career as a bellboy and serving cafes at El Ideal Gallego, in his native Coruña, and in Barcelona with Tele Expres, in 1967. He would soon make a niche for himself in the profession, beginning to write for well-known magazines such as Semana or Soon. In the 70's he lived a golden age on the radio. In 1972 he would begin to have his own section in the Luis del Olmo Protagonistas program, in Barcelona, ​​Marbella and Madrid. In September 1988, after being fired from this space, he joined Radio Miramar in Barcelona to be part of the brand new Cadena Ibérica in the Half and half space, presented by Alejo García.[5] Later, also on radio, he collaborated in Antonio Herrero's El Primero de la Mañana, on COPE. In the 1980s he began collaborating with the general information magazine Época with its section La vida es rosa, until 2000, when he switched to Tiempo de Hoy, a magazine for which he collaborated until its closure in 2018. In the 90s he made the leap to television, collaborating on several programs, such as The Truth Machine, which made him one of the best-known and most followed journalists of the social chronicle of the time. Thus, he was hired by María Teresa Campos in the program Pasa la vida, on TVE, doing his own section, "El retablo", and participating in the discussion of the heart with Maika Vergara, Rosa Villacastín, Josemi Rodríguez-Sieiro and Carmen Rigalt , among others. In September 1996 he continues with the presenter from Malaga in Día a día, on Telecinco, participating in programs on the network until 2004. But it was the Tómbola program, on Canal Nou, where he collaborated since 1997, the space that catapulted him to fame. It was a novel format in Spain, in which several journalists influenced, on many occasions in a reproachful tone and with an aggressive attitude, in aspects of the private life of the person interviewed. The program gave him great popularity, and his confrontations with fellow journalist Karmele Marchante were notorious. Proof of this was the great popularity reached by his phrase «Shut up, Karmele!». At Canal Nou he continued to collaborate in spaces such as En exclusivity (1997), Café de Ximo (2003) or Gent de Tàrrega (2007-2008). At the same time, Mariñas followed María Teresa Campos on Antena 3, where he worked on programs like Every day and Lo que inTeresa. In this chain he later continued collaborating in several spaces, such as En Antena (2006-2007), Where are you heart? (2007-2011), A 3 bands (2007), As we tell it (2008), Go even (2009, being a presenter together with María Patiño), and Public Mirror (2009-2012). In 2013 he returned to Telecinco to collaborate on Sálvame, although he would only be there for a year, and in Qué tiempo tan feliz, where he remained until the cancellation of the program in 2017. He collaborated sporadically on the programs La Mañana de La 1 (since September 2016) and Sabado Deluxe (since November 2017). He also writes, since 1998, in the newspaper La Razón, where he maintains his weekly section, With all my heart. He married Venezuelan photographer Elio Esteban Valderrama Prescott on July 18, 2016. [6] He collaborated on Public Mirror since 2019. On October 11, 2021