Jump in the Fire


May 23, 2022

"Jump in the Fire" is the fourth song from Metallica's debut album Kill 'Em All, which was released as a single in 1984. The lyrics of the song speak from the point of view of the devil who sees how people feel kill each other, being sure that they will go to hell for these actions, so they jump into the fire ("Jump in the Fire"). There is another version of the song, which appears on the demo No Life 'til Leather, the lyrics speak of sexuality, written by the band's former guitarist, Dave Mustaine. "Jump in the Fire" was released as the second single from Kill 'Em All after "Whiplash". Its single format edition contains two versions of "Phantom Lord" and "Seek and Destroy" with crowd effects that lead one to believe that they were recorded at a live concert, although in reality they are alternative versions of the songs recorded in the studio with sound effects added later. It is the first Metallica song to end with the fade out effect.


James Hetfield – vocals, rhythm guitar Kirk Hammett: lead guitar Cliff Burton: electric bass Lars Ulrich – drums, percussion


This song was covered by the group The Bronx Casket Co. on their album The Bronx Casket Co. (album).[1] And it was also covered by the following groups and musicians on Metallica tribute albums.[2]