The thief bride


October 28, 2021

The Robber Bride is the eighth novel by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, first published by McClelland and Stewart in 1993. [2]


The novel is based on the short story compiled by the Brothers Grimm "The Bandit's Bride," which in English receives a similar title to Atwood's play: "The Robber Bridegroom." [3] Set today, in Toronto ( Ontario), the novel is about three women and their story with their old friend and nemesis, [4] Zenia. Roz, Charis and Tony meet once a month in a restaurant to share a meal, decades after Zenia had betrayed them and interfered with their love affairs. [1] During an outing, they meet her, even though they thought she had died decades after the time they all went to college. Then, in the narration, there is an analepsis in which it is explained how Zenia stole, one by one, the boyfriends of all of them. [5] In these time jumps it is narrated in the third person, from the perspectives of Tony, Charis and Roz. Zenia gives each woman a different version of her biography, specially designed to intrude on her lives. [4] Neither version is true, and the reader comes to know as much as the characters. The style of the work has been considered comic and at the same time, of agile reading, although it has also been criticized that the characters end up becoming one-dimensional. [4]


This novel, like many of Atwood's works, deals with the power struggles between men and women, as well as offering a reflection on the nature of friendship, power and trust between women. The character of Zenia can be interpreted as a self-empowered woman, as a traitor who breaks with sisterhood, or as a mercenary who cleverly uses "the war of the sexes" to further her own interests. One interpretation regards Zenia as a "guardian angel" to women, saving them from unworthy men. This proposition appears at the end of Atwood's short story "I Dream of Zenia with the Bright Red Teeth", which features the same characters. [6] Zenia can be interpreted, also as a "villain" and a "mentor". [7 ] Literary critic Brian Busby stated in his book Character Parts: Who's Really Who in Canlit that Zenia is based on journalist Barbara Amiel. [8]

Filmographic adaptation

In January 2007, a film version of this work premiered on CBC Television, which also appeared, in March, on the Oxygen Network. It stars Mary-Louise Parker as Zeína, Wendy Crewson as Roz, Greg Bryk as Henry, Shawn Doyle as John, Susan Lynch as Charis, Amanda Root as Tonym Tatiana Maslany as Augusta, and Brandon Firla as West. [9] [10 ]


In 2014, Atwood published the story "I Dream of Zenia with the Bright Red Teeth", which takes the characters of Roz, Tony and Charis in their present, when Charis believes that her new pet, the dog Ouida, is possessed by the spirit of Zenia. Originally published in the Canadian magazine The Walrus, it is also featured in their anthology of short stories Stone Mattress. [11]


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