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October 25, 2021

Laura La Plante (San Luis, November 1, 1904 - Los Angeles, October 14, 1996) was an American actress who reaped her greatest successes working in silent films.


La Plante made her acting debut at age 15, and in 1923 she was named one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars. Throughout the 1920s she acted in more than sixty films. Her earliest performances include Big Town Round-Up (1921), starring cowboy Tom Mix, the serial Perils of the Yukon (1922), and Around the World in 18 Days (1923). Most of her films (from 1921 to 1931) were shot for Universal Pictures. During this period he was the studio's most popular star, "an achievement only achieved by Deanna Durbin years later." [1] His most memorable film is probably the silent classic The Dark Legacy (The Cat and the Canary) (1927). , though it also garnered praise for Skinner's Dress Suit (1926), starring Reginald Denny, the partially spoken The Love Trap (1929), directed by William Wyler, and the partially voiced version of Show Boat (Show Boat - Floating Theater). ) (1929), adapted from Edna Ferber's novel of the same name. Although this last film was an adaptation of the novel and not of the famous musical on which it was based, some songs from it were included in order to attract more audiences. La Plante, however, did not really sing in the film; her songs were dubbed by Eva Olivetti, this being one of the first times that a dubbing of this type was carried out in the cinema. Quite unusual at the time of her, a scene from La Plante on Show Boat was broadcast on early British television. [2]

Sound cinema

The advent of talkies shortened her career. Without having yet turned thirty, La Plante showed quite naturalness and an attractive presence in the first titles spoken of her but the large number of new stars in those years eclipsed her. Her last performance for Universal was in the extravagant Technicolor musical King of Jazz (1930). For a time she was an independent actress, working on The Matrimonial Bed (Warner Bros., 1931), directed by Michael Curtiz, along with Frank Fay, and Arizona (Columbia Pictures, 1931), with a young John Wayne.

Last years

La Plante subsequently went to England, where he starred in several films, including Man of the Moment (1934), with Douglas Fairbanks Jr .. La Plante was envisioned to replace Myrna Loy in the film series The Thin Man. defendants), as Loy considered the possibility of leaving the series. Eventually Loy continued in it with the role of "Nora Charles" [citation needed], and La Plante's career no longer recovered. She retired from the screen in 1934, acting only in two subsequent films, Spring Reunion (1957) being the last of her. Her sister, actress Violet La Plante, never achieved Laura's fame but, like her, she was named "WAMPAS Baby Star", although she obtained her title in 1925. In the mid-1950s, Laura La Plante intervened as guest (and as herself) on the Groucho Marx show You Bet Your Life. She was married to filmmaker William A. Seiter from 1926 to 1934, the year they divorced. That same year she married fellow filmmaker Irving Asher. They remained married until his death in 1985. They had two children. La Plante herself passed away in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles), California, from Alzheimer's disease, at the age of 91.


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