Maria Cristina of Bourbon and Battenberg


May 19, 2022

María Cristina de Borbón y Battenberg (María Cristina Teresa Alejandra María de Guadalupe María de la Concepción Ildefonsa Victoria Eugenia) (Royal Palace of Madrid, December 12, 1911 - Madrid, December 23, 1996) was an infanta of Spain from her birth and Countess Marone-Cinzano by marriage.


The infanta María Cristina was born in the Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain.[1] She was the fourth descendant and second daughter of the kings Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia, therefore the carnal aunt of the king Juan Carlos I. She was called María Cristina, like her paternal grandmother, María Cristina de Habsburgo-Lorena. She was baptized in the Royal Palace on December 23, 1911, her godmother being her aunt, the Infanta María Teresa [Note 1] [2] [3] She and her sister Beatrix learned to play the piano with the famous Polish concert pianist Carolina Peczenik, and to dance with Marguerite Vacani, the dance teacher of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and her sister, Princess Margaret. 4] The Spanish royal family had to leave the country in 1931, after the proclamation of the Second Republic. They settled at first in Paris. In 1933 King Alfonso XIII and his daughters, the Infanta Beatriz and María Cristina, moved to Rome. The king, cautiously warned, wanted suitors aware of the dangers of hemophilia, which had already affected two of his sons (Alfonso, the Prince of Asturias, and the infant Gonzalo).

Marriage and offspring

María Cristina (Crista, as she was called in the family circle) contracted a morganatic marriage on June 10, 1940 with Enrico Eugenio Antonio Marone-Cinzano (Turin, March 15, 1895 - Geneva, October 23, 1968), I Count Marone -Cinzano, son of Alberto Marone and his wife Paola Cinzano. Enrico Eugenio was the widower of Noemí Rosa de Alcorta y García-Mansilla (Buenos Aires, February 26, 1907 - Paris, November 9, 1937), and was already the father of three children; the man, Alberto Paolo Rodolfo Marone Cinzano Alcorta, was the 2nd Count Marone-Cinzano (Turin, March 2, 1929 - died in a car accident in Santa Eufemia, Córdoba, 1989), and the two daughters, Consuelo Paola Gloria and Rosa Ana. The infanta and the count were married on June 10, 1940 in the Basilica of San Camilo de Lelis in Rome. The couple had four daughters: Victoria Eugenia Marone-Cinzano y Borbón (born in Turin, March 5, 1941), married in Geneva on January 12, 1961 with José Carlos Álvarez de Toledo y Gross (Málaga, November 7, 1929 - Madrid, March 19 2000), Marquis of Casa Loring and VIII Count of Villapaterna, had four children: Victoria Eugenia Álvarez de Toledo y Marone-Cinzano (born in Málaga, on October 8, 1961), Marchioness of Casa Loring, married in Madrid on September 29, 1982 with Alfonso Codorniú y Aguilar (born in Madrid, on April 24 1954), they had children: Jaime Codorniú y Álvarez de Toledo (born in Madrid, February 15, 1985) Ana Codorniú y Álvarez de Toledo (born in Madrid, January 24, 1987) Francisco de Borja Álvarez de Toledo y Marone-Cinzano (born in Málaga, on March 25, 1964), IX Count of Villapaterna, married in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States, on July 25, 1993 with Jill Schlanger (born in Scranton , Pennsylvania, United States, on April 30, 1957), they had two children: Daniel Álvarez de Toledo y Schlanger (born in Madrid, June 1, 1995) Jacobo Álvarez de Toledo y Schlanger (born in Madrid, March 20, 1997) Marco Alfonso Álvarez de Toledo y Marone-Cinzano (born in Malaga, on January 23, 1965), is a priest. Gonzalo Álvarez de Toledo y Marone-Cinzano (born in Madrid, on October 1, 1973), has not married and has no children. Giovanna Paola Marone-Cinzano y Borbón (born January 31, 1943), married first in San Martino di Zoagli-Rapallo on July 24, 1967