Music Canada


May 23, 2022

Music Canada (known by its abbreviation MC; formerly the Canadian Recording Industry Association) is a non-profit organization founded in 1964 to represent the interests of Canadian phonogram production and distribution companies. Music Canada is governed by a board of directors elected annually by the chief executives of member companies. The board is responsible for establishing and electing the agents of the association. The CRIA's headquarters are located in the city of Toronto, Canada as well as the full-time president and director of anti-piracy operations.[1]


Music Canada, like the IFPI, is in charge of attacking and combating piracy in Canada, it is also the official body that assigns ISRC codes, which are those codes specific to each phonogram, it is also in charge of granting record sales certifications ( gold and platinum) and also provides statistics on sales and distribution of phonograms.[2]


Music Canada maintains a full-time anti-piracy unit under the direction of its council which maintains very close contact with record companies that are members of the association. As well as anti-piracy strategies, he conducts anti-piracy education seminars and monitors the internet for online infractions. It also has regional investigators who monitor the availability of merchandise suspected of being pirated, conducting the corresponding investigations to demonstrate the legitimacy of the product. It also has a phone line and email for reporting piracy violations.[3]

Certifications for record sales

Music Canada is in charge of granting certifications for record sales in Canada, depending on the type of phonogram and the volume of sales. MC awards three prizes: gold disc, platinum disc (which can be up to nine for a disc before become a diamond) and a diamond record, the requirements for certification are listed below, the figure in numbers expresses the number of copies sold:[4]


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