No Life 'til Leather


May 23, 2022

No Life 'til Leather is the name of a 7-song demo recorded by the band Metallica in July 1982. Within the demo, the songs Metal Militia, Phantom Lord and Seek and Destroy stand out for possibly being the first time that these songs were recorded on tape, considering Ron McGovney's '82 Garage Demo and Power Metal demos, which are confirmed to predate this one.


An Orange County recording company gave them the opportunity to record an album, but once the recordings were finished, Kane realized that the group was not a punk rock band, but a thrash metal band and ended up losing interest. The band took the tapes that would eventually become the No Life 'til Leather demo. Ulrich and his friend Pat Scott, who in the words of Ron McGovney "had connections all over the world", would be in charge of distributing the demo. This demo would also have an important role in the consolidation of the band, since a copy of it came into the hands of John Zazula, owner of the specialized store Metal Heaven, in New York, who would invite them to give some shows and record his first album. It is remarkable the fact that it is the only album in which Dave Mustaine and Ron McGovney's bass work. It should be noted that the composers of all the songs were Dave Mustaine (before being expelled from the band and forming Megadeth) and James. Lars did not participate in any composition.


Hit the Lights - 4:19 Mechanix - 4:28 Motorbreath - 3:18 Seek and Destroy - 4:55 Metal Militia - 5:17 Jump in the Fire - 3:51 Phantom Lord - 3:33


James Hetfield – vocals, rhythm guitar Dave Mustaine – lead guitar Ron McGovney – electric bass Lars Ulrich – drums

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