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December 6, 2021

Noah Gordon (Worcester, Massachusetts, November 11, 1926 - November 22, 2021) [1] was an American writer of best-selling novels.


He is of Jewish origin by maternal line (Rose Melnikoff), who named him Noah (Noah) in honor of his grandfather (Noah Melnikoff), as the writer relates on his website: He attended Union Hill School in Worcester on Dorchester Street and graduated from Classical High School in February 1945. He served in the US Infantry. Pressured by his parents, he started studying medicine, but then, after a semester, without telling them anything, he switched to Journalism. He earned his BA from Boston University in 1950 and a year later earned a MA in English and Creative Writing. He got a job in New York at Avon Publishing Co. At age two, he went to a small magazine, Focus. In New York he married Lorraine Seay and when his first child was born he returned to Massachusetts, where he worked as a freelance journalist for a year, until he became a reporter for a newspaper in his hometown, The Worcester Telegram. . In 1959 he was hired by The Boston Herald, where he became editor of Science. He later he began to write scientific articles for a series of publications and his first novels. International recognition came to him with El Médico, a novel that begins the Cole family saga, later completed with Shamán and Dr. Cole. He was awarded in European countries such as Germany, Italy and Spain, as well as in the United States. He lived with his wife Lorraine in Brookline (Norfolk County, Massachusetts).

Awards and distinctions

1966 Distinguished Alumnus of Boston University Author of the Year 1992, Germany, Bertelsmann Book Club Euskadi de Plata 1992 for El Médico Finalist for the 1993 Seleziones Award of the Italian literary contest Bancarella with Shaman 1993 James Fenimore Cooper Award from the Society of American Historians for Shaman, "Best Historical Novel Published in 1991 and 1992" Euskadi de Plata 1995 by Dr. Cole What to Read Award 2000 for The Last Jew Bocaccio Prize 2001 (Italy) for The Last Jew Prize of the city of Zaragoza 2006 for the set of his historical novels


The Rabbi (Rabbi), 1965 The Death Committee, 1969 The Jerusalem Diamond, 1979 The Physician, 1986 Shaman, 1992 Dr. Cole (Matters of Choice), 1996 The Last Jew, 1999 Sam and Other Animal Stories, 2002 La bodega (The Winemaker), October 2007 ISBN 9783896673671

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