Raul Coloma


October 28, 2021

Raúl Ernesto Coloma Rivas (Santiago, July 9, 1928 - October 12, 2021) [2] was a Chilean professional soccer player, who played in the goalkeeper position. He was selected between 1955 and 1960, [1] and retired from the activity at age 47, in 1975, for which he holds the record of being the Chilean soccer player who spent the longest time in professionalism. [3]


He performed the inferiors in Unión Española and in 1950 he made his professional debut in Ferrobádminton, a team that emerged from the merger of Ferroviarios and Badminton. In 1965 he joined the ranks of Municipal Santiago. After acting as an amateur soccer player between 1968 and 1970, he returned to professionalism to play for Ferroviarios, where he finally retired in 1975, aged 47. [4]

National team

He was selected between 1955 and 1960, and completed 15 matches with the Red. [1] In 1959 he replaced Sergio Livingstone in his farewell, seconds after the match against Argentina began at the National Stadium. The match ended 4: 2 in favor of Chile and became the first victory for La Roja against the Albiceleste team. [3]




Book: "The last wagon - History of the Chilean Railway Sports Club in images" by Gabriel Belmar Fuentes and Haroldo Salas Donoso. Year 2016. "Raúl Coloma, 14 seasons in professionalism", pages 40 to 43.

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