Ron McGovney


May 23, 2022

Ron McGovney (born November 2, 1962) is an American musician and bassist, best known as the original bassist for the metal band Metallica.

Personal Life

McGovney is originally from Northern Ireland. He has two sons, Justin and Tyler, both with the same interest in music as his father, and a daughter, Jordann. He is currently a high school teacher and resides in Marion, North Carolina.

Rum and Metallica

McGovney had met James Hetfield in high school. They became friends as they shared a fondness for heavy metal and Hetfield convinced Ron to learn to play bass. He accepted the idea, rented one and an amplifier and began taking classes from Hetfield. Soon, the two moved into a rental house owned by McGovney's parents that was to be demolished. He participated in the recording of the band's demo tape No Life 'til Leather, which would later attract the interest of John Zazula. However, Ron resigned from the band due to the bad behavior of Dave Mustaine, who was violent and troublesome when he was under the influence of alcohol. The final straw was when Mustaine doused McGovney's bass with beer, he unknowingly plugged it in, receiving an electric shock. It is then, after contacting Cliff Burton that the band moved to San Francisco. Phantasm After leaving Metallica, Ron formed a band called Phantasm, something he defined as a project with punk lyrics but heavy metal music. Tired of hundreds of people asking him for autographs and photos after every concert that Phantasm offered, just because he had once been part of Metallica, which at that time was already a prominent band, Ron decided to end it once and for all. with his music career.


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