Serrania del Perija


May 23, 2022

The Serranía del Perijá, also known as Sierra de Perijá, is the northernmost branch of the Andes Mountain Range between Colombia and Venezuela. It is also known as Serranía de los Motilones in its southern part in Colombia, and includes other mountain systems such as the Serranía de Valledupar and the Oca mountains.[1] The mountain range marks an important stretch of the border between Colombia and Venezuela, with the Colombian departments of Norte de Santander, Cesar and La Guajira to the west and the Venezuelan state of Zulia to the east. The eastern slope belongs to the Maracaibo Lake basin where the Catatumbo River flows. The western slope corresponds mainly to the Cesar River basin, which flows into the Magdalena River.[1] This region is part of the PDET targeted territories.