Shireen Abu Akleh


May 23, 2022

Shireen Abu Akleh (Jerusalem, January 3, 1971 – Jenin, May 11, 2022)[1] was a Palestinian journalist.[2] She worked as a reporter for Al Jazeera for 25 years, until she was murdered while reporting from Jenin.[3]


She was born in 1971 in Jerusalem, in a Christian family from Bethlehem. She attended high school in Beit Hanina, and later enrolled at the Jordanian University of Science and Technology to study architecture. She continued her studies at Yarmouk University, also in Jordan, where she graduated in Journalism, after which she returned to Palestine.[4]


She worked as a journalist for Radio Monte Carlo, Voice of Palestine,[5] UNRWA, Amman Satellite Channel and MIFTAH.[6] In 1997, she began working as a journalist for Al Jazeera and became one of the well-known faces of the channel in Arabic language.[7][8] He lived and worked in East Jerusalem, where he covered all events related to Palestine, including the Second Intifada, and also Israeli politics. Abu Akleh practiced her profession at Al Jazeera until her death by gunshot in 2022. [9]


On May 11, 2022, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that she had been shot and killed by the Israel Defense Forces during a raid in Jenin.[10][11] She was shot in the head and taken to hospital. Ibn Sina, where his death was confirmed.[12] He was 51 years old.[13] In the same attack, another journalist, Ali Asmoadi or Ali Samoadi of Al Quds, was shot in the back but survived; Two other Palestinian men were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Palestinian militants had fired at the IDF, for which the IDF had responded by opening fire, but Al Jazeera contradicted this, showing that there were no Palestinian shooters there.[14][15] Al-Omari also did record that Abu Akleh was wearing a helmet and that he was shot in an unprotected area of ​​his head, suggesting that this was an intentional act.[16] Video of the shooting showed Abu Akleh wearing a vest where one can clearly read the word press ('press').


Her body was transferred to the Church of the Latin Monastery in Jenin to pray for her, and was later transferred to Nablus for an autopsy after the request of the Palestinian Public Prosecutor's Office and the approval of her family at the National University Institute of Forensic Medicine. An Najah. It was announced that her funeral will take place on May 12, 2022 from the Palestinian Presidency in Al-Bireh [17] [18]. Abu Akle's funeral took place on Friday, May 13, in Jerusalem. The convoy stopped at the French hospital, where Israeli police beat mourners as they tried to carry the coffin, which nearly fell to the ground as seen in footage released by Al-Jazeera.[19][20] She was transported to the Cathedral of the Annunciation[21], to be buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery, near the Hebron Gate, in occupied Jerusalem, where she is buried next to her parents. The European Union issued a statement saying it was appalled by the violence at the St Joseph hospital complex and the level of unnecessary force exerted by the Israeli police during the funeral procession.[citation needed]