The Four Horsemen


May 23, 2022

"The Four Horsemen" is the second song on the album Kill 'Em All by thrash metal group Metallica. The original song, titled "The Mechanix", had different lyrics, and was written during the time Dave Mustaine was a guitarist for Metallica. After Mustaine was kicked out of the band, he included the song on Megadeth's first album, Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!, with the Mechanix title, with the original lyrics, and a much slower beat. Quick. After Mustaine's departure, James Hetfield rewrote the lyrics and Kirk Hammett added a new part to the song, with a melodic guitar solo in the middle of the song. This section has only been played in four concerts, at the Lyceum theater in London in 1984, on March 15, 1985 in a concert in San Francisco, on December 7, 2011, in celebration of the 30-year career. band's musical with John Bush, and at the band's own Orion Music & More festival in 2013, where they played the entire Kill 'Em All album. The Four Horsemen is a clear favorite among Metallica fans. The title has also served as the source for one of the band members' nicknames. This song appeared in the movie X-Men: Apocalypse, released in 2016, and in the second season of the Netflix original production Stranger Things.


The lyrics, as the title suggests, state that the end of the world and the Apocalypse are near, referring to the biblical texts about The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. However, many believe that the song is about Metallica and themselves as the "Horsemen".


James Hetfield – vocals, rhythm guitar Kirk Hammett: lead guitar Cliff Burton: electric bass Lars Ulrich – drums, percussion Dave Mustaine: Composer


This song along with "Fight Fire with Fire" and "Creeping Death" was performed by the group Cave In on their album Beyond Hyporthemia under the name "Metallica Medley".[1] And it was also performed by the following groups on Metallica tribute albums.[2]