Whiplash (Metallica song)


May 23, 2022

"Whiplash" (in Spanish: "Latigazo") is a song and single by the American thrash metal musical group Metallica, whose composition is credited to James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. It is the sixth song and first single from the album Kill 'Em All, which appeared in 1983. This song has been covered many times, most notably by Motörhead, whose version won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. .[1]​ The lyrics of the song deal with the feeling while one is in a metal concert, which in English is called headbanging, moving one's head without stopping during concerts of this style. The English word "whiplash" in Spanish means "whiplash". In addition, almost at the end of the lyrics it says that "We will never quit because we are Metallica" (We will never quit 'cause we're Metallica), this being the only song by the band that says "Metallica".[citation needed] . Sometimes Hetfield changes the lyrics to that part by saying, "We never quit 'cause you're Metallica. According to Kirk Hammett, the song "Whiplash" was one of the favorite songs of renowned musician Kurt Cobain.[2]


James Hetfield: Vocals and rhythm guitar. Kirk Hammett: lead guitar Cliff Burton: electric bass Lars Ulrich: drums


This song was covered by Billy Milano, Scott Ian, Phil Soussan and Vinny Appice on the Metallica tribute album A Metal Tribute to Metallica and was also covered by the following groups on subsequent Metallica tribute albums.[3] Motörhead (who have been considered the biggest influence on Metallica) covered this song for the Metallica tribute album called Metallic Attack: Metallica - The Ultimate Tribute and won their first Grammy at the 2005 Grammy Awards. Whiplash also appears in Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Pantera, under the name "Pantallica", performed this song with Jason Newsted on bass, and their members Dimebag Darrell (guitar) and Philip Anselmo (vocals) swapping roles. Destruction covered this song for the Metallica tribute album called a Metallica tribute album, and have released several editions of said album All Hell Breaks Loose as a hidden track. Stone Gods covered this song on their Knight of the Living Dead tour.


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