October 28, 2021

A portal is a Wikipedia page that serves as the cover for articles on the same topic or area. Portals can be associated with one or more Wikiprojects. Unlike Wikiprojects, which are only intended for editors, portals are intended for both editors and Wikipedia readers.

How to find portals

How to create a new portal

You must create your portal in Portal: Theme (where Theme is the theme of the portal). To facilitate the creation of the portals we have different proposals, any of them valid. You can choose a basic structure like {{Portal base}} or {{Wikiportal structure}}. In general, creating a portal is discouraged if there is only one person interested in it, or there are few articles on that topic. Keep in mind that maintaining a portal costs a lot of effort, which could be more effective to dedicate to the articles themselves. On the other hand, an unattended portal (even temporarily) can put people off. In many cases, it may be more appropriate to create a Wikiproject to organize the work and, once you have enough articles and collaborators, create the corresponding portal.

Coordination of portal templates and cover templates

A template system with parameters has been proposed, which allows the featured and "did you know" articles from wikiportals to be reused for the front page, automatically appearing a featured article and a "did you know" from each wikiportal. Thus, it would be enough to update the wikiportal templates from time to time so that each day we had a different cover. The idea is that each day of the month is assigned a wikiportal, starting with the first of each month, and leaving the final days of the month that are unassigned for generic topics. By putting some templates inside others, you can even have content from the same wikiportal several days a month. For example, you could do: On the cover: {{featured day {{CURRENTDAY}}}} In "Featured day 30": {{featured day 10}} In "Featured day 10": {{featured biology}} Thus, you would have a biology article on the 10th and 30th of each month, without having to update anything other than the "featured biology" template. We would thus have an automatic and very flexible system. It remains to be seen how all of this would fit in with what is being done on Wikipedia: Featured Articles. Another version of the issue (now that the cover articles are also being removed) would be to divide these into subpages (one with the computer science highlights, another with the linguistics ones ...) so that they can be linked from Wikipedia: Featured articles and from wikiportals.

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