Wikipedia in Spanish


October 28, 2021

Wikipedia in Spanish is the Spanish edition of Wikipedia. Like the existing versions of Wikipedia in other languages, it is a free content encyclopedia, published on the Internet under the free licenses CC BY-SA 3.0 and GFDL. It currently has 1,726,706 articles, and it is written by voluntary users, that is, anyone can edit an article, correct it or expand it. The servers are managed by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization whose funding is primarily based on donations. It began its journey in May 2001, four months after the original edition in English was launched and after Jimmy Wales' announcement to internationalize the project. [1] In October 2016, Wikipedia in Spanish was the second Wikipedia with the most visits ( with 579 million queries per month) [2] after English Wikipedia (which had 4.211 million) and ahead of Wikipedia in Russian (562 million) and German (with 533 million). [2] This indicates that the Spanish edition is widely consulted, even more than some versions in other languages ​​that have more articles, such as Wikipedia in German and Wikipedia in French. It is one of the ten Wikipedias with the most articles of all languages, in addition to being the fourth with the largest number of editions. The edition in Spanish began on May 20, 2001, when the Wikipedia project was expanded from the first version in English to other languages. The community of this version of Wikipedia had a prominent participation in the policy of Wikipedia and the foundation that sustains it to be financed by donations and not by advertising. Some time later, on March 8, 2006, this version reached the number of one hundred thousand articles, five hundred thousand on August 5, 2009, nine hundred thousand on June 29, 2010, and finally exceeded one million articles on May 16, 2013. Throughout its history it has not been without criticism either, especially with regard to its low number of articles and reliability. Wikipedia in Spanish has 6,366,474 users, of which 15,198 are active.


On March 16, 2001, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announced, via email, his intention to internationalize the project by creating editions in French, German, Spanish, and possibly Japanese. In the same message he jokingly comments that he has also received a request to create a wiki in Catalan. [1] Almost two months later, on May 11, the programmers Jason Richey and Toan Vo opened eleven wikis to start the different editions of wikipedias in various languages, including Spanish. [3] The Wikipedia in this language began operating on the 20th. May 2001. His first articles include "Countries of the world", created on May 21, 2001, at 00:19 UTC, [4] "Help: How to start a page", created a day later, [5] and "Computing", on May 25. [6] At the end of that year, the number of articles amounted to 220, [7] being able to read among them "Particle Physics", " Don Quixote de la Mancha "," Matter "and" Wiki ". Months later, in February 2002, most of the participants in this edition disagreed with the proposal, later rejected, to fund Wikipedia through advertising. Initially, the two founders Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, were in favor of including advertising. [8] Sanger was fully convinced of including ads and Wales rejected the criticism of the Spanish-speaking community about the inclusion of advertising by writing that “ I want to put on record that I think these people are seriously wrong in many aspects of their vision of the world. The inclusion of advertising should be done with good taste. ”[9] Many of the Spanish publishers parted ways with the project to c

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