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Wikiquote is a collection of famous quotes from famous characters, books and proverbs. It is conducted collaboratively through the Internet, under the free GFDL license, and based on wiki technology. It is based on an idea by Daniel Alston, implemented by Brion Vibber. It is a sister project of Wikipedia, also sponsored by the Wikimedia Foundation, and uses the same software, MediaWiki. Although there are many online collections of quotes, Wikiquote stands out by being among the few that offer an opportunity for visitors to contribute[2] and the very few that strive to provide accurate sources for each quote, as well as quote corrections wrongly attributed. Wikiquote pages are interspersed with articles about notable personalities on Wikipedia

Main Wikiquote and its evolution

The interest in Wikiquote made the project grow. On November 13, 2004, the English version reached the 2000 articles. In March 2005, before the subdomain in English reached the 3000 articles, Wikiquote among all its languages ​​already presented 10 000 pages. By the end of 2005 there were already 7 Wikiquotes with more than 2000 quote articles (as before, not counting discussion, redirect or help pages), while Wikiquote in Spanish exceeded the thousand. In January 2006, 26 projects were active (in the sense that they had at least one legitimate citation article and registered at least one edit during the month). In April, Wikiquote in French (the third project in number of articles) was closed due to legal problems, as part of the content could violate database rights.[4] On December 4, 2006 it was reopened, and, a year later, it had surpassed the 800 items.


Wikiquote has been suggested as "a great starting point for a quote search" with only available quotes that credit their source.[8] It also contains a collection of misattributed quotes and their possible origins can use for analysis to produce claims such as "Albert Einstein is probably the most cited figure of our time".[10]

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