November 29, 2021

A car or car (in Russian: машина) or a car (in French: Automobile) or in Persian Afghanistan a car is a wheeled vehicle that gets its driving force from the engine. Today, the car plays an important role in human life and is the most used car in the field of transportation. The automotive industry is the world's largest manufacturing industry, with Volkswagen generating $ 920,288 per second in 2019. Today, the world's largest automotive industry is China.


Perhaps the first written idea of ​​a vehicle capable of moving without human or animal power can be found in the book The Iliad by the Greek poet Homer. In part of Hepheastion's Iliad, the god of fire and metalwork builds a moving bicycle and uses it to move. But in the real world, it was first designed and built in 1678 by the father, Ferdinand Farbist, a Belgian Christian missionary in China, who worked with steam pressure. This original car was 65 cm long and was made as a means of entertainment for the Emperor of China. The first real steam-powered vehicle used to transport people and cargo was designed and built in 1767 by the Frenchman Nicole Joseph Kahn. Kahn car could move 4 tons of cargo with 2 crew at a speed of 8.7 km / h. The world's first car accident occurred with this car in 1771. The combustion engine was invented in 1860 by a Belgian named Etienne Lonvar. After that, the evolution of the automobile industry continued, and between 1860 and 1970, various inventions were made in Europe by several engineers. 1886 is known as the birth year of modern cars. German inventor Karl Benz introduced the Benz Patent-Motor Wagon this year. From 1908, when the Ford Model T was designed and built by Henry Ford, carriages quickly gave way to motor vehicles. The first car with an external combustion engine was a small engine mounted on a small cart. This car was built by Siegfred Marcus in 1874 in Vienna. The engine of this vehicle was called a heater engine or an external combustion engine. Gradually, however, external combustion engines became internal combustion engines. In internal combustion engines, the mixture of air and gas inside the cylinder is ignited by a spark, and the result of this combustion creates a force and eventually moves the car. The first example of death

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