Ardeshir Zahedi


December 6, 2021

Ardeshir Zahedi (October 15, 1961 - November 17, 1400) was an Iranian diplomat. He was Iran's foreign minister and the last Iranian ambassador to the United States during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. He was the son of Fazlullah Zahedi and also the ex-wife of Shahnaz Pahlavi. Biography

1307 to 1332: The period of education and the coup d'etat of 28 August

Ardeshir Zahedi was born on October 15, 1961 in Tehran. His father, General Fazlullah Zahedi, was a high-ranking soldier in the Pahlavi dynasty. Ardeshir Zahedi graduated from an American school in Beirut, Lebanon, and went on to study agricultural engineering at Utah State University in the United States. The Shah visited the United States in 1328. There, Ardeshir Zahedi visits the Shah of Iran as a representative of the Iranian students in Utah. Zahedi returned to Iran in the years before the coup d'état of August 28, 1943. At that time, the Americans were involved in various projects in Iran, including agriculture. One of these projects was called the "Principle 4 Program", which was to improve agriculture in Iran and involved 138 Americans. "Ardeshir Zahedi, the son of Major General Zahedi, worked on the Principle 4 project and conveyed American messages to his father, who was hiding," Yervand Abrahamian wrote in The Coup. In the coup d'etat of August 16, 1943, General Fazlollah Zahedi, the father of Ardeshir Zahedi, was one of the main perpetrators of the coup, who was initially defeated and hid for three days, and after the victory of the coup d'état on August 19, he became the Prime Minister of Iran.

1332 to 1345: Marrying the king's daughter and becoming ambassador

In Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's first trip to the United States after the coup d'état of 28 August, Ardeshir Zahedi travels with the Shah as a national aide. Thus, he soon enters the circle of relatives of the Shah's court. Ardeshir Zahedi then married Shahnaz Pahlavi, the Shah's eldest daughter, in 1336. They gave birth to a girl named "Mahnaz". But seven years later, they separated at the request of Shahnaz Pahlavi. In SAVAK documents, the reason for this separation is called the orgy of Ardeshir Zahedi. Two years after marrying the Shah's daughter, Ardeshir Zahedi returned to the United States to serve as Iran's ambassador to that country. The period of work in the United States began in March 1969 and ended in March 1961. Ardeshir Zahedi's disagreements with Ali Amini were the prime minister, which eventually led to Zahedi becoming Iran's ambassador to the presidency.

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