May 19, 2022

From a social point of view, what is used as a model based on contract, tradition, or law and its implementation is universally accepted is called a standard. A product or service is called a standard. Standards have four distinct axes: "product nature", "management", "evaluation and compliance" and "social responsibility". Social and even personal life is very necessary and useful. In social and economic affairs, and especially in industrial affairs, it is so called standard. Our foundation is equal to the word standard, which means what should and should remain as a foundation in works and affairs. This term has been suggested to the Iranian Language Academy.

Standard levels

Standards are divided into five levels: factory, corporate (community), national, regional, and international, based on the scope of coverage. A factory standard is developed by a factory for use in the same unit. Of course, sometimes factories, companies, or organizations that operate in a particular field develop their own standards by creating a community or association. Like the American Welding Association (AWS) The national standard is prepared by the standard institute in a country, according to all the specific conditions of that country, such as: economic, social, scientific and technical. Regional standards are developed by member states of a specific regional treaty, such as the European Standards Committee. International standards are developed by relevant organizations for the purpose of international usability. Such as: ُ Standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) or the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Items that are included in the standard are divided into the following groups. Food, health and medicine Chemical and cellulose Metal and casting equipment and machinery Non-metallic minerals, such as salt Communications, electronic and electrical Motor vehicles Knitting and leather and clothing Engineering services

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