ISO 2-639


January 21, 2022

ISO 639-2 or ISO 2-639 is the second category of ISO 639 standards used for the abbreviated naming of known languages. All language codes in this category consist of three characters. So far, 464 entries have been registered in the ISO 639-2 code list. Common language codes Some ISO 2-339 codes represent languages ​​in general, and these languages ​​are considered as common languages ​​and are outside the ISO 639-3 standard. Commonly coded languages ​​in ISO 639-2 are as follows. The following codes have been removed from ISO 639-5 bih Bihari (has the ISO 639-1 code bh) him Himachal parachutes listed in ISO 639-5 (and as common code in ISO 639-2): afa Afro-Asian languages alg Languages ​​of the Algonquians apa Apache languages art Ultrasound ath Atabaski languages aus Native languages ​​of Australia bad Banda languages bai Bamileke languages bat Baltic languages because of the Amazigh language bnt Bantu languages btk Batak languages cai Central American Indian languages cau Caucasian languages cel Celtic languages cmc Chamic languages col Shilluk language cpe creoles and pidgins, English-based cpf creoles and pidgins, French-based cpp creoles and pidgins, Portuguese-based crp creole and half-tongue s cus Languages ​​of Cushi day Land Dayak languages dra Dravidian languages fiu Finn languages gem Germanic languages ijo Ijo languages inc Indo-Aryan languages ine Indo-European languages ira Iranian languages iro Iroquoian languages kar Karen languages khi Languages ​​of Khoisan kro Kru languages map Asturian languages mkh Astro-Asian languages mno Manobo languages mun Munda languages myn Mayan language nah Language Nahuatl nai Native American languages nic Niger-Congo languages nub Nubian languages oto Otomian languages paa Papuan languages phi Filipino languages pra Prakrit roa Roman languages sai Native American languages sal Salishan languages sem Sami languages sgn Sign Language s sio Siouan languages sit Chinese-Tibetan languages Slavic languages smi Sami languages ​​(Oral) son Singh languages ssa Linguistic languages tai Thai languages tup Topical languages tut Altaic languages wak Wakashan languages wen Sorbian languages ypk Yupik languages znd Zande languages ​​Specific codes in ISO 639-2: und undetermined (language) mis uncoded language mul multiple languages zxx no linguistic content, not applicable

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