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An actor or actor (English: Actor) is someone who professionally plays a role in a play, theater, cinema and television. The term is more commonly used for those who play roles, although voice actors and actors in any radio program may also be called actors. The actor can do his work in the context of a theater, film, TV series or while training other actors. Actors sometimes voice cartoon characters or speak on behalf of people in TV commercials. Today's actors sometimes play a role in video games as well. This is done by recording their movements and sounds and reconstructing the obtained computer data. In Persian, instead of the terms "actor" or "actor", the words "actor", "artist" or "master of delicate industries" were used before, and the word "actor" had the general meaning of artist (example of Naser Khosrow: the actor is the one who acts Nick did not crown himself, but the Academy of Persian Language equated "actor" and "actor" with actor.

Responsible for casting

The responsibility for selecting actors is either shared by the producer and the director, or by the person being asked to select the appropriate actors under their supervision.


He is the one who is in charge of the actors, explains their role to them and rehearses their role with them, and finally prepares them for the final play in front of the camera. Some directors do it themselves, but today in professional filmmaking, usually a person who has complete mastery of the acting field (sometimes even prominent actors) is used to take on this responsibility and somehow cast the actors. To direct. Main actors: Actors who play important roles in the film, especially the first and second roles. Actors in a minor role: A small role in a film that is usually accompanied by one or two sentences, which distinguishes it from the black role of the army, which does not utter a word and is usually part of the crowd.

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