Andimeshk bombing


November 29, 2021

The Andimeshk bombing took place on December 25, 1986, during the Iran-Iraq war. In this airstrike, the city of Andimeshk was continuously bombed by 54 fighters for one hour and thirty minutes. This is considered to be the longest bombing since World War II. What is certain is that this bombing is the longest and deadliest air strike by the Iraqi Air Force during the eight-year war with Iran. Event Details Iraqi President Saddam Hussein announced the attack on Andimeshk during the day and again on the night. Fifty-four Iraqi fighters and bombers set fire to the city of Andimeshk for 100 minutes at 11:45 a.m. on December 25, 1986. As the number of aircraft decreased, the attacks continued for up to four hours. Although the exact number of dead and wounded is not known, some reports indicate that more than 300 Andimeshk residents were killed and 700 were injured in the incident. In this attack, in addition to bombing the fourth hunting base and residential areas, Railway Square and Andimeshk Railway Station, Daily Market of Goods and Tarhbar, Dokuheh Barracks, Shariati High School, Dez Andimeshk Dam and Power Plant, Dez Dam Missile Radar, Safin Al-Najah Barracks, Balaroud Station, The Post and Telecommunication Office and Shahid Beheshti Hospital were bombed.

Related works

In 2009, a book entitled Andimeshk in the Rain of Fire written by Hossein Bazrafkan was published by Nilofran Publications in Iran. A documentary called Rain of Fire was made in 2016 under the direction of Mohsen Bazrafkan.


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