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December 1, 2021

The Nobel Prize in Literature is one of five Nobel Prizes awarded each year to an author who, according to Alfred Nobel, has written the most outstanding work with an idealistic orientation. "Work" usually refers to a collection of works by the author, although specific works are sometimes mentioned in the award text. According to Alfred Nobel's will, the prize must be awarded each year to the person who has created "the most outstanding collection of works in the field of literature in an ideal or ideal direction". The Swedish Academy determines the winner and announces it in early October each year. List of Nobel Prize winners

No Nobel Prize in Literature in 2018

The Swedish Academy, which also hosts the Nobel Prize in Literature, announced in 2018 that it would not award the Nobel Prize in Literature for the first time this year after 75 years. "The crisis at the Swedish Academy has had a negative impact on the Nobel Prize," he said. Their decision places more emphasis on the seriousness of the situation and helps to preserve the credibility of the Nobel Prize in the long run. "None of this will affect the awarding of other Nobel Prizes in 2018." The Swedish Academy, which has been embroiled in a major scandal in recent months over its links to a man accused of sexually assaulting women, has announced that the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature will not be awarded so that the academy can deal with the results. The scandal is about a man named Jean-Claude Arnault, who is known as a cultural figure in Sweden. He has a close relationship with the Swedish Academy. The newspaper Dagens Nohter reported a few months ago that Arno had sexually harassed or sexually abused 18 women who had been members of the academy or the spouses and daughters of members of the Swedish academy in recent years. Of course, the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature in 2019 was awarded to Polish writer Olga Tokarچuk.

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