November 29, 2021

The Pulitzer Prize is an award in journalism, literature and music that has a variety of categories. It is the most prestigious journalism award in the United States, given annually (since 1917) to journalists, writers, poets, and musicians under the auspices of Columbia University. The award is named after its founder, Joseph Pulitzer, a Hungarian-American journalist in the nineteenth century. And are boldly introduced.


Joseph Pulitzer was a well-known American journalist who volunteered to pay for Columbia University to start a journalism school. He set a $ 250,000 prize and a scholarship. After his death, the prize was first awarded in 1917 and has been awarded to the best literary work every year since April. Iranian Pulitzer Prize winner The only Iranian winner of this award is Jahangir Razmi, who received an award for his photographs of the scene of executions in Iran after the 1979 Revolution in Kurdistan Province in 1979. After 27 years of silence, he announced in 2006 that he had been photographed for execution in Kurdistan. Previously, he was the only unknown winner in the history of this award. Afghan Pulitzer Prize winner Afghan photographer-journalist Masoud Hosseini won the Pulitzer Prize for Best News Photo in April 2012. Hosseini is the first Afghan photographer to win the award. The award is given for a photograph that Hosseini took of an Afghan girl during a suicide attack on Shiite mourners in Kabul on Ashura 2011. Massoud Hosseini has already received three other prestigious international awards, including "Best News Photo of the Year" from World Press Photo.


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