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January 23, 2022

The Persian Encyclopedia (known as the Encyclopaedia of Companions) is a three-volume encyclopedia written by the Franklin Publishing Institute under the supervision of Gholam Hossein Masaheb and with the participation of a group of writers and editors in Iran in Persian. Encyclopedia resources In 1335, the Franklin Institute, under the direction of Homayoun Sanatizadeh, decided to produce a Persian translation of the one-volume Encyclopedia of the Viking Columbia (New York edition). This work was entrusted to Gholam Hossein Mosaheb. But Gholamhossein Masaheb, after reviewing the American encyclopedia, did not consider the complete translation to meet the needs of the Iranian and Persian-speaking communities, and launched a new plan based on which more than 10,000 new articles were written on various aspects of Iranian and Islamic history and culture. He had translated and included the articles of the Encyclopedia of Islam, and in the identity card of the first volume, he considered this work as a joint work of Tehran and New York. Encyclopedia Publishing The first volume of the Persian encyclopedia (from the letter "A" to the end of "S") was published in 1345 AH. In 1350, when a large part of the articles in the second volume up to the letter "A" were typed and ready for publication, Gholam Hossein Mosaheb resigned from the post of head of the Persian Encyclopedia. Since then, Reza Aqsa has been in charge of the encyclopedia, and the first part of the second volume (from "Sh" to the end of "L") was published in 1977. The second part of the second volume (from "M" to the end of "Y"), with a re-editing and some corrections, was published in 1374 AH.


In the Persian encyclopedia, from the very beginning, detailed rules for selecting entries and their volume, arranging articles, equating terms, how to record and translate specific letters and terms, recording abbreviations, references, Persian calligraphy and punctuation were observed. Took. This method was unprecedented in Persian encyclopedias and became a model for producers of reference works in Persian. The encyclopedia contains an introduction that explains in detail the principles and methods of work and how to use the encyclopedia. This encyclopedia has 43,000 entries, of which 23,000 are foreign entries, 11,000 are related to Iran and Islam, and the rest are reference entries. Foreign interventions are generally translations and adaptations, but interventions related to Iran are entirely authorial. List of creators The project managers were first Gholam Hossein Masaheb and then Reza Aqsa. Dr. Masahib, in collaboration with his editorial board, including Ahmad

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