December 6, 2021

A scientist is a person who is proficient in one of the branches of knowledge and uses the scientific method to conduct research. Today, most scientists are those who have passed the academic and scientific foundations to very high levels and have made it their profession to teach, practice and research science and scientific issues. In the work of scientists, a distinction can be made between scientific study and research work. Today, research is mostly commissioned by a government, scientific institutions or companies. The separate profession of being a scientist dates back to the 19th century; Because in this period, science and science had a great impact on each other. The formation of the scientific profession accelerated in 1945 and its field expanded.

Techniques and knowledge professions

All things

An omniscient or omniscient scientist is a scientist who is knowledgeable and knowledgeable in all or most of the sciences of his time. This title is mostly applied to the scientists of the ancient periods. Imhotep, Aristotle, Bouali Sina, Leonardo da Vinci, John von Neumann, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, Hildegard Bingنیn, Gottfried Leibniz, Benjamin Franklin, Bicolon François, Paolo Francesc Russell, Thomas Brown, Michael Serotus, Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Haytham, Khayyam, Henri Poincaré, and Albert Einstein were among the most famous comprehensive scientists.


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