November 29, 2021

Lady Del Begum (c. 1622–8 October 1657) was the first wife and principal wife of Emperor Aurangzeb, the last Gurkha emperor of India. He is also known as Rabia Doran after his death. The tomb of Delores Banu is in the tomb of Bibi in Aurangabad, which is very similar to Taj Mahal (tomb, Mumtaz Mahal, mother of Aurangzeb) and was built by her husband. Shahnavaz Khan), who ruled Gujarat as viceroy. In 1637, she married Prince Muhiyat al-Din (later called "Aurangzeb") and had five children named Muhammad Azam Shah (Aurangzeb's immediate heir), who temporarily succeeded his father, Sultan Muhammad Akbar, the emperor's most beloved son, Zebulunsa. , The talented poet and beloved daughter of Aurangzeb, Zinat al-Nisa, known as the King of Begum and the best of Al-Nisa Begum. He died following a war with his brothers over succession.

Family and lineage

Ms. Begum was a member of the prominent Safavid dynasty, the dynasty of the time ruling Iran and one of the most prominent dynasties ruling it. She was the daughter of Mirza Badi-ul-Zaman Safavid (known as Shahnavaz Khan and known as Mirza Deccan), whose grandfather was Shah Ismail I Safavid, the founder of the Safavid dynasty. Shahnavaz Khan was the viceroy of Gujarat and an influential and powerful figure in the Gurkhani court. He was interested in splendor, which was very evident in the glorious wedding celebrations of his daughter Dalars with Prince Mohi-ud-Din. . Delrez's younger sister, Sakineh Banu Begum, married Aurangzeb's younger brother, Prince Murad Bakhsh, in 1638. Shahnavaz Khan's nephew and Delres cousin also married Aurangzeb's older brother named Shah Shoja. These marriages further strengthened the relationship between the emperor's family and the Shahnavaz Khan family, and in a way the Safavid family.

Marriage with Aurangzeb

In February 1637, Delores became engaged to Prince Mohi al-Din (later renamed Aurangzeb), the third son of Shah Jahan, Emperor Gurkhani, and his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The marriage proposal was proposed by Shah Jahan and accepted by Delores father and led to his proposal. The emperor then took the lover Aurangzeb out of love

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