October 25, 2021

Dolphins are marine mammals of the order Aquaculture that are closely related to whales and boars. The ancestors of these animals were pairs of humans that entered the sea from land about 50 million years ago to find food. There are approximately 40 species of dolphins classified in 17 different genera. Dolphins' bodies have gradually adapted to living in water over millions of years. Dolphins and other aquatic animals have fins for movement in the water, and their tails act as propellers. Their body is also such that it is suitable for swimming in the water as fast as possible and staying in it for a longer period of time with one breath. The need to develop advanced neural systems for echo detection in water has led dolphins to acquire larger, more complex brains. Such a thing has given them high perceptual abilities, which has made some of them a kind of diagrammatic culture. They, like many other mammals, give birth to their young and breastfeed them. Group living in many species of dolphins helps them minimize the dangers of living in the wild for themselves and their offspring. They use abilities such as sonar production and very strong hearing to find their prey. The food of these animals consists of fish and cattle. But the killer whale is the only dolphin that also hunts large marine mammals. Members of the two major groups of ocean dolphins and river dolphins are found in all of the world's open waters, as well as in some rivers along the freshwater. Because of their high intelligence abilities, friendly appearance, and constant vivacity, dolphins have long attracted human attention throughout history. Not only have they been present in human culture and art, but humans have used dolphins for a variety of uses, including finding fish, mining, and even eating their meat.


The name dolphin comes from the Greek word dolphin (δελφίς), which is related to the word dolphin (δελφύς) meaning "mercy" in this language. Hence, the name of this living thing can be interpreted as "a fish that has a womb". The name of this animal in Hormozgan is "Karareh". The dolphin is called "Piso" in Bushehr in the local language.

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