Rudolf Hess


December 6, 2021

Rudolf Walter Richard Hess (April 26, 1894 - August 17, 1987) was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Rudolf Hess was one of the most influential figures in the Nazi Party (National Socialist Workers' Party of Germany) and the deputy of Adolf Hitler. Before Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, Hess made a solo flight to Scotland in an attempt to make peace with Britain. But before he could succeed, his plane was targeted by the British, and Hess was forced to land with a parachute. He was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in a Nuremberg tribunal after the war, where he remained in prison for the rest of his life. There are various theories about Hess flying to Britain, including betrayal of Hitler and secret negotiations. But the Nazis at the time and the neo-Nazis insisted that Rudolf Hess flew to Britain on behalf of the Nazi Party to negotiate peace. Hess has a special respect among neo-Nazis. Biography Hess was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to German parents of Greek descent. Rudolph was the eldest son of a family of six. Rudolf Friedz Hess *'s father was from Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, and Rudolph's mother was Greek. The Rudolf Hess family immigrated to Germany from Alexandria in 1908. Rudolph enrolled in boarding school. He was interested in astronomy but was forced by his father to go to Switzerland for business. During World War I, he volunteered for military service in the 7th Bavarian Regiment (Bavaria) and was awarded the Order of the Iron Cross. He was seriously injured several times. For example, once he was severely wounded in the chest and could not return to the front as a foot soldier; He was transferred to the Air Force and trained in aviation and service in the operational squadron with the rank of lieutenant on October 16, 1918.

Hitler's deputy

Returning to Munich after World War I, Hess enrolled at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, where he studied political science, history, economics, and political geography. Hess then joined the newly formed Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler in the Munich Brewery coup. He was arrested in the coup and imprisoned for seven and a half months. After his release, he was elected Hitler's special secretary. He also transcribed and to some extent edited my Battle Book. Hess later became the third Nazi party figure after Hitler and Hermann Goering. Hitler appointed Rudolf Hess as his successor in response to public opinion as well as the deviation of the people from a dictatorial government

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