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November 29, 2021

Ray, Shahreri, or Raga (Ava) is one of the oldest cities in the world. Ray dates back to the time of the Aryan tribes, and Ray was the largest of all the Medes. Ray literally means royal city. The resident and people of Ray are called Razi. Rey has been the capital of Iran for part of the Ziarian and Seljuk periods. This city has been called by different names throughout history. Letters were read. According to the Avesta, Rey is the thirteenth city built in the world. The history of living in this city dates back to 8000 BC. Although Rey has always been one of the most important cities in ancient Iran, it was never the capital of ancient Iran and pre-Islamic Iran. In the fourth century AH, this city was the largest of the four centers of the mountain state. Ibn Hawql says that after Baghdad, there is no more prosperous city than Rey in the east, except that Neishabour is larger and larger in size. In Sorani Kurdish, the road is called "Riga" and in Kurdish, the Kurmanji road is called "Rey". He knew of its location, that is, the city of roads.

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Genesis of Rey

"The Iranians attribute the construction of this city to Houshang, the eldest son of Kiomars," quotes Robert Carperter, an English traveler, following the author of the book Asar al-Balad. In the book of Nozha al-Qulub, it is stated that Ray was founded by "Seth" Ibn Adam. In Al-Baldan, Ibn Faqih has attributed the construction of Ray to the suffixes "Bilan Ibn Asbahan Ibn Fallujah Ibn Sam Ibn Nuh". The author of the book Haft Iqlim also writes: "There have been many differences in the construction of the city of Rey. "And some people also narrate Kaykhosrow, the son of Siavash." It is also said that Rey is a city that Pirooz, the son of Yazdgerd, built and named it Ramfirooz. Dehkhoda's dictionary states: Bani Rey is "Raz Ibn Faros son of Lavasan" and in the words of "Seth Ibn Adam". Some have attributed the building of Ray to (Roy) one of the sons of Noah or "Ray Ibn Bilan Ibn Isfahan Ibn Flukh". .

Ray's name in pre-Islamic texts


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